Fire & Gas Control Panels

Grams is now able to offer complete a complete line of:

  • One addressable EN54 part 2 an 4 control panels up to 9 loops multi protocol Apollo (XP 95, Discovery, Core protocol), Argus,…
  • Buckeye (wired and wireless) fire gas panels, CE marked, CSA approved, and
  • SCAME panels with SIL2 and SIL3 and EN-54-2 and 54-4 approvals. Some of the key features of the Scame panels include Hot Backup redundant CPU’s, Hot Swap of all cards, Redundant and looped communication bus between cards and CPU’s, Self diagnostics and signalling of card and CPU fault, and Automatic safety disabling of malfunctioning cards…

ONE Addressable panels:

HARDWARE features:

  • 32 bit microprocessor addressable control panel
  • 1 addressable loop with digital protocol
  • Expandable up to 9 loops
  • 240 addressable device each loop
  • Graphic touchscreen display (480×272 TFT 4.3”)
  • 14 front Leds
  • Programmable side led
  • 1 monitored output for siren or dialer (24Vdc 1A)
  • 1 Output 1A 30Vdc 120 Vac
  • 1 open collector output
  • 1 RS 485 line for peripherals
  • 1 RS 232/micro USB for programming or monitoring station
  • 56 led area (Optional board)
  • 1 Extinguishing channel (Optional board)
  • Fully redundant (Optional board)
  • Network management of group of fire panel (Optional board)
  • Ethernet 10 Mbit/s interface (Optional board)
  • Batteries capacity: 2 batteries of 17Ah each
  • Monitored power supply output 24 Vdc 500mA with short circuit protection
  • Dimensions: 390x390x100 mm
  • Power supply 230Vac

SCAME panels:

The S81-HS panel is commonly used in :
• Automatic fire extinguishing control systems, also in case of complex fire fighting installation sectioning, in conformity with the Construction Products Directive (CPD);
• Integrated systems, including fire, intruder/burglar alarm, CCTV and technologic control functions;
• Safety & Security systems, where panels operate, as master or slave units, on communication networks (of a fibre optic and fault tolerant type, too) and are connected to DCS through the protocol;
• Fire protection systems with special voting and redundancy logics, also in accordance with the recommendations of the NFPA 72 standard;
• Gas detection and measurement systems, ATEX-certifiable, capable of interfacing any 4-20 mA output toxic or explosive gas detectors. All of these functions can coexist, or be configured to meet specific customer requirements.

Buckey panels: