Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Open flames, red-hot cooking surfaces, and a heavily grease-laden environment combine to make the modern commercial kitchen a potentially dangerous fire hazard. Kitchen fires spread quickly and have proven to be very difficult to extinguish, making them the leading cause of structural fire damage everywhere.

Protecting the modern commercial kitchen from the ever present danger of fire is the reason Buckeye Fire Equipment designed the Kitchen Mistertm Fire System. Utilizing state of the art misting technology, the Kitchen Mistertm System extinguishes deadly kitchen fires quicker and more effectively than any other kitchen system ever developed, period.  The system is UL-300 and NFPA17a & 96 approved and CE marked.

Simplicity Of Design

The constant changes and complicated requirements of most restaurant systems have made design and installation errors a concern of fire protection professionals globally.

The uncomplicated design of the Kitchen Mister™ System all but eliminates design and installation errors by combining common sense features and the elimination of confusing design requirements.

Dealer Friendly Features

  • Uncomplicated system design eliminates design and installation errors.
  • Installation time significantly reduced.
  • Innovative design eliminates conduit and corner pulleys.
  • Advanced detection system installs quickly and easily.
  • Color-coded nozzles for easy identification.
  • Flexible piping requirements allow for unlimited system configurations.
  • Best coverage in the industry.
  • Online & face to face training.