Industrial Fire Gas Detectors GSME



GSME fire gas detectors are the spearhead of the Advanced Discovery System. They can already detect open and hidden smoldering fires within their initial phase. The new generation of the GSME-M4 comprises four parameterisable semiconductor gas sensors that are used for monitoring and evaluating the concentration and behaviour of fire-indicating gases by applying the multi-criteria method. Their robust design protects them against damage due to dust, dirt, and moisture.

The GSME also finds its application in potentially explosive atmospheres. GSME-X22 and GSME-X20 are approved for the ATEX zone 22, respectively 20 to 22 and are factory fitted with permanently installed spray protection. The GSME-X20 is also available as an extended version for the ATEX zone 2.

GSME Data Sheets


Technical Datasheet