SCAME panels

The S81-HS panel is commonly used in:

  • Automatic fire extinguishing control systems, also in case of complex fire fighting installation sectioning, in conformity with the Construction Products Directive (CPD),
  • Integrated systems, including fire, intruder/burglar alarm, CCTV and technologic control functions,
  • Safety & Security systems, where panels operate, as master or slave units, on communication networks (of a fibre optic and fault tolerant type, too) and are connected to DCS through the protocol,
  • Fire protection systems with special voting and redundancy logics, also in accordance with the recommendations of the NFPA 72 standard,
  • Gas detection and measurement systems, ATEX-certifiable, capable of interfacing any 4-20 mA output toxic or explosive gas detectors. All of these functions can coexist, or be configured to meet specific customer requirements.