Low Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression

Count on our Experienced Staff to Protect Property and Lives

Whether its fire protection for the world’s power generation, steel industry or inerting of hazardous operations, you can count on our experienced staff to provide solutions to protect property and lives

TOMCO2 Fire Systems offers fire suppression systems designed and calculated by our NICET Level IV Certified Engineers.  Each system is custom designed and optimized to provide the ideal flow with minimum pipe sizes. We can offer complete after market service packages by trained factory technicians to conform to all Federal, State and Local codes.  In addition, we can provide start-up and testing services.

A low pressure CO2 system is a specialized fire suppression system designed to maintain the carbon dioxide supply at 0° F and 300 psig in an insulated, refrigerated pressure storage unit.  This storage unit contains the amount of CO2 required to protect a specific hazard.

TOMCO2’s Low Pressure CO2 Fire Suppression Systems are Factory Mutual approved to meet all present codes and standards.

We can offer complete equipment/engineering packages or complete turn key installations including detection and control systems.  Our product line includes horizontal and vertical tanks ranging in sizes from 3/4 ton to 60 tons, ½” through 8” master/selector valves, and a complete line of total flood and local application nozzles that can protect from 2 feet above the hazard up to 20 feet above the hazard.



Test discharge of a Low Pressure CO2 system: