Mobile vehicle suppression systems

Fires in motor compartments can cause irreversible damage to your vehicles. GreenEx offers highly specialized suppression systems for applications like electric busses, hydrogen vehicles, trains, forklifts, mining trucks, bulldozers and all other heavy-duty / construction vehicles.

Protecting a vehicle is fighting against very difficult circumstances. Constant vibrations, high humidity and fast air ventilation are factors that should be considered. GreenEx has selected only the best components for these challenges:

The IR3 Optical detector is specially designed to endure even the toughest conditions and is capable to detect a fire by its very first spark.
The Propelled Extinguishing Agent Launcher (GreenPulse PEAT Systems) eliminates the requirement of pressurized vessels and cylinders, pumps and hoses, by simply creating the impulse torrent from the activation of a small powder charge (squib) in a standard cartridge and discharging it through a cylinder or barrel of predetermined caliber.
The Purple K suppression agent will knock down the fire in seconds by directly inhibiting the chemical chain reaction of the fire.



Our unique features:

  • Rapid detection
  • No need for pressurized cylinders
  • No piping required
  • Cost effective
  • Fast extinguishing (0,1 sec. – 1 sec.)
  • Inertization capability
  • Extreme durability
  • Environmental friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Minimal maintenance required